Blue Compass Partners with K.Renee to Launch New Website

Blue Compass recently partnered with K. Renee to create a new, united website at The project was the culmination of their two local store fronts, K. Renee and K. Renee Home, which merged together within "One K. Renee." The goal was to marry fashion and home décor in order to create one inspirational website for clients and visitors.

There's an old saying, "You look good, you do good, you feel good" and K. Renee stands behind that belief. They offer total wardrobe and room makeovers to boost the self-confidence, comfort and personal style of their clients. If you visit the stores, you'll find luxurious home decor and clothing that are hand-picked from all over the country. They help people feel their very best, so it's no surprise that they had the same standards of quality for their new website.

The K. Renee team was very hands-on throughout the entire project, with specific goals and features in mind. They wanted the new site to be user-friendly, engaging, accessible on all devices, and easy to manage and update. They also wanted the design to have a "magazine feel" with neutral colors, elegant features, and rich with content. They provided us with excellent direction which, in turn, led to an amazing website!

Our team was excited about the opportunity to collaborate with K. Renee. We sought out to develop an interface that would allow their staff to share their passion for design with visitors. Likewise, we wanted visitors to be able to engage with the content, and share their favorite items with others online.

Included below are some key features of the K. Renee website:

Content Architecture and Navigation

Blue Compass recommended a site structure that was functional, user-friendly, and easy to navigate.

Website Design

With the client's goals in mind, we created a responsive image gallery to showcase designs and inspiration. We also gave the site an "editorial feel" by using serif handwriting font and chapter page details.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

We developed a custom CMS that would allow for easy text and image updates. Since K. Renee puts forth a lot of effort to frequently write original content for their site, we wanted to create a user-friendly system for the staff that would enable them to make updates easily and instantly, as needed.

Social Media Integration

Collaborating with our Digital Marketing team, our developers integrated social media links and a blog subscription in the footer. Now, users can easily share their favorite K. Renee content, as well as sign-up for ongoing blog updates.


The website and CMS were designed and developed with the latest search engine optimization (SEO) practices in mind, to help boost site authority following launch. The mobile-friendly, responsive design also improves the user experience, which increases SEO value.

The result is a one-of-a-kind website that is engaging, interactive, and shares K. Renee's passion and sense of style with all who visit. The project was a collaborative effort between the K. Renee and Blue Compass teams, and we couldn't be happier with how the site turned out. See for yourself at!

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