Blue Compass Launches New Website for Kemin Industries

Blue Compass recently partnered with Kemin Industries to create a fresh, new website to serve as a launching pad for 2016 and beyond. This partnership is the culmination of over nine months of cooperation and determination by Blue Compass and Kemin Industries.

Kemin Industries has been committed to changing the world since 1961. Through research and technology, Kemin seeks to make an impact worldwide through advances in food service and packaging, agriculture feed and health and personal care products. In fact, Kemin makes an impact on nearly 2,500 people a second around the globe through the work of over 2,000 worldwide employees.

Blue Compass Re-Designs Kemin Industries Website

Goals for the Project

To give Kemin the best website and user-experience possible, Blue Compass addressed Kemin’s main goals for the new website: 

  • Capture a Global Audience. Kemin is located on five continents, and its reach is truly global. Through the new website, each region has a tailored experience where visitors can have  information related to their region.
  • Complete Product Showcase. Until now, Kemin has not had a platform from which they can show off their entire product catalog. With the new site launch, Kemin has an invaluable resource to showcase its full product lines.
  • Careers at Kemin. Kemin teams up with over 2,000 employees across the globe. Through warehouse staff, research scientists, and business development personnel, Kemin Industries truly values every employee, and with the new site they are able to showcase their dedication to collaboration and teamwork.
  • Socially Integrated Site. Every page on the new Kemin sites lends itself to the connectivity that we all use on a daily basis. Giving users even more ways they can interact with you makes all the difference. 

Understanding the Influence of Kemin Industries

Kemin Industries is looking to make their mark. To reflect their resolve, Kemin and Blue Compass wanted to build a site that would give Kemin the look and feel of a company that will be a multi-billion dollar business within the next five years. To reach this goal, Blue Compass wanted to offer a location portal where each region served by Kemin can find information tailored to their needs.

Blue Compass Re-Designs Kemin Industries Website

Telling Kemin’s Story

Above all else, Kemin wanted a website that would allow them to tell the story of their company. Not every company has its start in a garage in 1961 with only two product lines. Not every company has five kids and their office in the family room. Not every company expands to five continents over its first five decades. The story of Kemin deserved a place it could be showcased and told.

We at Blue Compass give a hearty thanks to everyone at Kemin for the opportunity to work on such an amazing project, and we look forward to continuing to build the Kemin brand in the future!

Be sure to check out Kemin Industries’ new site for yourself to see what they have to offer.

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