Best Infographic Designs of 2015 That are Sure to be a Hit in 2016 (Infographic)

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The new year is here, and we couldn't be more excited for all of the amazing design trends that are sure to make their mark. But what about the infographic design trends from 2015 that will continue to evolve throughout 2016? Design has become more than throwing together images, charts, and graphs; it has become storytelling at its finest. Below are a few of the trends from 2015 we feel will continue to shine in 2016. 

Industry Specific Design

Interior Design Industry Infographic

Let’s get started with this industry specific design. Though there is only one color, Space Simply does a good job of making this particular infographic stand out by using blueprint illustrations that perfectly fit the real estate industry. Additionally, what we have seen become a common trend in the last few years is design that substitutes traditional pie graphs and charts for illustrations such as people, dollar signs, houses, etc. to quantify what they are speaking on. 

Print Meets Digital

infographic design

Cindy Ashes does an amazing job bringing print to life in today’s digital world with this infographic. The colors are simple and work extremely well when combined with linear elements. The look is clean and tasteful with a great use of white space throughout. What makes this design stand out is the creative way Ashes incorporates stats; they are interactive with a unique twist. We look forward to seeing many more of these distinct infographics throughout the new year.

Creative Timeline Approach

infographic design

This year we have seen a jump in the timeline approach, and we love them. This particular design by Timothy Dole is a breath of fresh air in the design realm. Dole incorporates principles from the graphic design and print industry and also integrates a fun juxtaposition, which we feel is extremely refreshing. We look forward to seeing innovative and creative timeline approaches such as this one throughout 2016.

‘Then & Now’

infographic design

Who doesn’t love a good ‘then and now’ comparison, especially via infographic? We sure do! This ‘Mad Men’ inspired piece by the design team at Shutterstock is one we have been impressed with over here at Blue Compass. The infographic design portrays the information in a very innovative way and engages the consumer with vibrant colors. Above all what we really love is the simplistic and clean look that it holds throughout.

Computer Generated Graphics Thrown out the Window

infographic design

When it comes to modern design, almost everyone has become immune to computer generated graphics. Therefore, this infographic done by our very own design team stands out by being hand drawn. The easy-to-read layout takes consumers on a journey and at the same time gives them the information they need to know in an easy-to-consume way. And to top it off, who doesn’t love to feel a little bit of childhood nostalgia?

Blurred Lines

Expecting Parents Infographic

What stands out initially when looking at this infographic from UnityPoint Health - Allen Hospital is the blending of photography, handwritten text, and linear elements. This particular trend is something new we saw in 2015. Up until this point, most fonts were being computer generated. The designers incorporation of modern graphics within it as well was not only interesting, but refreshing to see.

Draw Audiences Into The Focal Point

Best Infographic Designs for 2016

At first glance, this infographic by Stephen Di Donato almost takes you back to a different time and place with the ‘retro’ feel. The planets are the next focal point to draw you in. Years ago, designs like this were much busier and would have included additional focal points such as stars and maybe a moon. But what makes this particular design almost soothing is the great use of white space throughout. This type of design will continue to thrive with most designers moving toward a simplistic look.

Classic Design

Classic Restaurant Menu Design

When looking at this particular design, what stands out initially is the classic look that the overall infographic holds. Designer Aurelien Salomon perfectly mixes white and rich colors in a beautiful way. Furthermore, this design displays photos in two ways, the first is more traditional with the food, and the second organically with the leaves in the background. Overall, this infographic is visually appealing through the colors, font and images chosen, and is, therefore, easy to consume while reading.

“Design is not what it looks like or feels like. Design is how it works.”

-Steve Jobs

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*A big thanks to Blue Compass' Drew Harden for many of these insights!

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