Back-To-School: 6 Best Apps For Parents

Transitioning from carefree summer to school days can be stressful for families, but it doesn’t have to be! As we know at Blue Compass, there’s an app for everything, and they can be used to make your life just a little bit easier. Check out our list of the top 6 apps that will help you master the hectic back-to-school season.

1. Cozi Family Organizer

Have you ever wished it was easier to coordinate your kids’ schedules with your spouse or the babysitter? With the Cozi Family Organizer app, you can create a shared calendar so everyone has access to schedules, appointments and activities. Never miss a soccer practice or dentist appointment again!

2. Lala Lunchbox

Planning school lunches can be a huge task, especially planning healthy ones that your kid will actually eat. This fun, handy app lets you plan school lunches with your child and teaches them about creating healthy meals. Your kids will love choosing fun monsters to represent their lunchboxes, and you’ll love having a whole week of nutritious school lunches planned out (shopping list included).

3. Class Messenger

If you’ve ever been surprised by a class field trip because you never received the memo, this app is for you. The Class Messenger app makes it easy for teachers to send important notes to parents and keep them updated on what’s going on in their child’s classroom that week. With the ability to share photos and videos, you can even catch the class science fair! This app is a great way to stay connected to your child’s teacher without costing you a lot of time.

Are you part of the Johnston Community School District in Des Moines, Iowa?

If your kids attend the Johnston Community School District, check out the Johnston Schools app. Catch up on the latest sports scores, get notifications from the school, and never miss another district event. You can even keep up with your child’s latest grades anytime, anywhere. With this app, parents can have password-protected access to their child’s grades, attendance information and classroom progress. Learn more about the Johnston Schools app and how you can get it!

4. DinnerTime

Want to make sure the student in your family is using homework time for studying, and dinner isn’t interrupted by texting? The DinnerTime app puts the power in your hands and allows you to instantly lock or unlock your child’s device from your own device, ensuring they’re getting quality time away from their cell phones. Recent studies show it’s important to disconnect and take a break from our electronic devices. You can even schedule longer breaks if your child could use a weekend vacation from their cell phone.

5. Life360 Family Locator

Ever find yourself at work worrying about whether your kids made it home from school safely? The Life360 app makes it easy to locate your kids and gives you the peace of mind you need during this busy time of year. Register your family members’ phone numbers, and easily view their locations on a map. If your kids also download the app, they can “check-in” when they make it to their destination, and you’ll get a notification.

6. Canary

Do you have a new driver on the road this school year? Use the Canary app to help teach your teen to practice safe driving and never to text behind the wheel. This app will immediately send you notifications when your child is not only using their phone while driving, but engaging in other kinds of unsafe behavior, such as speeding or traveling near bad weather.

Internet Safety

We know the internet can be an amazing thing, but it’s important to teach your child to use the internet safely, especially this time of year. When your kids head back-to-school, they’ll be making new friends and making more social media connections. Here are some key tips to make sure your child understands as they head back-to-school:

  • Never post personal information, such as home address, cell phone number or current location
  • Never meet in person with anyone you first “met” on the internet
  • Check with your parents before you post pictures of yourself online
  • If you wouldn’t say something to a person’s face, don’t text it or post it online

Bonus App: Qustodio

As the school year begins, your child will probably be exposed to more internet use than normal. Qustodio can help you monitor your child’s internet use, web searches and social media activity. Your child may not be the biggest fan, but this software will give you peace of mind knowing your child is being safe online, or alert you to take action if they’re not.

From packing lunches to organizing schedules, back-to-school can often mean back to the chaos! Fortunately, with these apps, taking away some of that worry and stress is right at your fingertips. Do you have a favorite back-to-school app? Have you tried any of these apps? Let us know below!


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