5 Ways to Boost Your Conversion Rate Optimization

How can you get more conversions on your website? The answer is a well-planned conversion rate optimization strategy. Conversion rate optimization, or CRO, is the practice of improving visitors' experience on a web page with the goal of increasing the percentage of conversions (the action you want visitors to take) on that page. Here's a "real world" example:

conversion rate optimization tips

CRO is an important way to continually improve your website's effectiveness. More conversions can mean more form submissions, purchases, engagement, time spent on page, and ultimately more profit for your brand.

In honor of International Conversion Rate Optimization Day, here are five ways you can improve your website's CRO:

Conversion Rate Optimization

1. Have a Clean, Modern, Mobile-Friendly Design

Ensure the web page you're using to get conversions is clean and uncluttered, with a mobile-friendly, responsive design. Visitors will quickly leave the page if they're having a poor experience because of confusing information or a design that is hard to navigate on their smartphone.

2. Improve Your Call-to-Action

Make your web page's call-to-action clear, bold, and easy to identify! We have seen conversions boosted by 100% or more by simply changing a "submit" button to a bolder color. Experiment with small changes and see what is most effective for your site.

3. Use Social Proof

Encourage your visitors to join the crowd! Instead of saying "Sign up for our newsletter," prompt them to become part of a group that's receiving benefits by saying "Join thousands of people who enjoy our newsletter each week!"

4. Work on Your Page's Load Speed

Enhancing how quickly your landing page loads will bring more traffic to your site. Google suggests that your website loads in two seconds or less because visitors quickly begin dropping off after that point. This is especially important on mobile devices, where connections are typically slower. Plus, search engines may drop sites' rankings for having slow load times.

5. Test, Test, Test!

One of the most important things you can do for CRO is to watch how your page is being used! Review your analytics often to see how many visitors are converting on the page. One very effective method we have found to improve CRO is A/B testing. This technique produces two versions of one page, sending half of your visitors to one version and half to the other. Continually using A/B testing is a great way to make a page more and more effective.


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Drew Harden
Drew Harden

CEO and Co-Founder of Blue Compass, Drew Harden has grown and guided the company from a two-person startup in 2007 to one of the Midwest's leading digital marketing companies today. He's a published author, has been cited by PR News and USA Today, and has led web projects that have been honored by organizations like Adobe and American Design Awards.