10 Gift Ideas for the Digital Marketer in Your Life

The season of giving is starting to boil down to the season of frantically trying to buy gifts. If you are like many people, you’re probably still searching for the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. If that someone works in digital marketing, it can make things complicated when you’re searching for a gift. You want something trendy and useful, but what can you get them that they don’t already have? Take a look 10 holiday gifts that will get you off the naughty list this year.

6 Port USB Charging Station

Has any digital marketer ever thought, ‘there are definitely enough places to charge stuff at my desk’? Probably not. Between their laptop, tablet, smartphone, and the other electronics they have on hand, any nearby source of electricity is probably full. A self-professed “handy yet stylish” multi-port charging station could be just what they need to keep connected to the world every second of every day.

Paid Subscription to Music Streaming Service

Digital marketers are especially tuned-in to online ads. They can hear them, see them, and probably even feel them in their vicinity. Why not save their sanity? While they’re busy advertising for everyone else, give them a break by purchasing a paid music streaming subscription. It’s ad-free and they can get into the zone with their favorite artists. There are several different streaming services to choose from, including Spotify Premium, Pandora Plus, Google Play Music, Apple Music, and Amazon Prime Music, which can help you pick the right one for your budget and their preferred listening device.

PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer

Smartphones are seriously gross, but you can’t live without them. Several studies have shown how many germs can live on the glass of a smartphone and the results are far from appetizing. However, the digital marketing world never takes a sick day. You can’t ask Facebook users to take a break from commenting, and you can’t get Twitter followers to stop Tweeting. Protect the people who keep your social media interesting by giving them an easy way to keep their phones germ-free.

Writer Emergency Pack

Content is a major part of any digital strategy, but writer’s block is the supervillain hiding in the shadows. A great way to show a content writer that you care is getting them a gift for their brain! The Writer Emergency Pack is like a deck of cards, but each card is filled with tips, tricks, and even a fun game, to get the creativity flowing.

Beverage Warmer

A regular eight-hour day can feel like two hours in the marketing world. That great cup of morning coffee, however, exists in real-time, and now that they finally have a moment to drink it, it’s cold. This Beverage Warmer from Bed, Bath, and Beyond can solve anyone’s cold coffee problems, and it boasts that it works for soup, too.

Stress Relieving Coloring Books for Adults

Working in digital marketing can be stressful. Everything happens at a lightning fast pace, and keeping up is just part of the job. Give someone a break from reality with the gift of a new trend in stress-relief: coloring books.

USB Thermoelectric Cooler

As caffeinated beverages go, soda pop is listed just below coffee on every digital marketer’s list. But who has time to stand up during the day? Help them keep a cold one right next to their hands with an adorable USB Thermoelectric Cooler. It can fit a regular can of their favorite pop AND runs on USB power (which is totally feasible with the USB Charging Station).

A Pop Culture Primer on Parts of Speech

Ah, grammar. Whether you love it or hate it, digital marketing needs the written word. Just because they work on the Internet doesn’t mean that they write like the Internet (we’re looking at you, comments section). This totally awesome poster lays out the parts of speech in a pop culture-infused graph that will keep them entertained and knowledgeable.


If you aren’t afraid to drop a little cash on your gift, Ringly is just what every fashionable digital marketer needs. These statement rings connect directly to a smartphone and give the wearer light and vibration alerts whenever their phone needs their attention. The alerts are completely customizable, and the rings are stylish enough to never be noticed.

Star Wars Yoda Holiday Mug

No, you can’t get away from Star Wars this holiday season. If you’re looking for gifts for nerds and geeks, like most people who work in digital marketing, this Yoda mug is a simple, timely, and inexpensive way to say happy holidays.

People who work in digital marketing are just like you, except we’re generally working several months ahead while also keeping a finger on the pulse of things that can change in an instant. If there’s someone in your life who works in digital marketing, or if you aren’t really sure what they do all day long on the Internet, these gifts will be a great addition under their trees.


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