Infographic Design Trends Guaranteed to Make an Appearance in 2017

Creative, unique design has become more than just an ‘add-on;’ it is a necessity for brands. With social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram changing the way users interact and perceive design (even without them knowing it) brands are now required to step up their game and put themselves out there in a visually appealing way. Though this is not really a new insight, succeeding with poor design is not plausible anymore for brands.

“Design is the Silent Ambassador of Your Brand”

-Paul Rand

The Era of Infographic Design and Why Your Brand Should Be Doing It 

With so much technology available to consumers today, brands need to catch their audience's attention not only quickly, but in a visually appealing way. Through infographic design, brands hold the power to give users information that they want to know in a consumable way while reaping the benefits.

How else can good infographic design help your brand, you may ask? Here are a handful of additional benefits to get you motivated:

  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Give your content the opportunity to go viral
  • Inflate your followers and subscribers
  • Simplify your content
  • Position you as the expert in your field

Now, without further ado - let’s dive into nine of our favorite infographic design trends from 2016!

Infographic Design Trend #1 | Shapes Within Typography

Beer Bottle Infographic

One infographic design we especially loved this year was done by Beer Hunt. They did a wonderful job of using the dark wood background throughout to make the entire design feel connected. Additionally, the warm color scheme of the ‘beer’ keeps the tone of the overall design. Now, what really makes this infographic design stand out is the typography that the designer chose to use in the shape of the bottle. From a design perspective, this is brilliant and ultimately pulls the entire design together.

Infographic Design Trend #2 | Designs That Pop


This particular infographic was designed by our very own team here at Blue Compass. Our designer set out to create an infographic design that would grab the user's attention while visually helping them quickly associate the color and design with Snapchat. It is important to note that when bright color like this is being used in a design, it is crucial to break up the design with contrasting colors (such as black and white), as to not overwhelm the reader. What we love most about this infographic is the variation in visuals such as graphs, images, icons, etc. to help maintain the reader's interest.

Infographic Design Trend #3 | Jet Black with Directional Lines

Infographic Design Trends

A popular infographic design trend that we have begun to see over the last year is the heavy use of black. Over the years, black has been perceived as ‘dark and unclean’ within the design sphere. However, in this design done by Digital Agency, Shape has thrown that theory out the window. By using black as a neutral background and incorporating bits of color and clean white lines throughout, they have ultimately created a design that navigates the user’s eye downward in a fluid and appealing way.

Infographic Design Trend #4 | Colors That Enhance the Topic

infographic design

Our team here at Blue Compass can’t get enough of this beautiful and bright infographic design done by Top Food Facts. The eye-catching colors are the perfect palette for a food and beverage infographic. When it comes to this topic, as a designer, your goal is to get the reader motivated to want to make that food or beverage right that second. And it is safe to say; this infographic does just that with its engaging imagery and whimsical typography.

Infographic Design Trend #5 | Hand-Drawn, Iconic Elements


Another infographic design trend that we have begun to spot is hand-drawn imagery. This is another infographic done by our design team here at Blue Compass. For this particular infographic, what made it successful was the overall topic of fashion. The hand-drawn imagery was then able to enhance the topic and bring the readers on a journey of each designer and their iconic style. Additionally, the subtle, slanting sections employed in the design were able to steer the reader's eyes down and ultimately to the call-to-action.

Infographic Design Trend #6 | Photographic Charts

Infographic Design Trends

This infographic design by Graphisme & interactivite caught our eye almost immediately. The designer draws you in with the use of photography to convey the information throughout, which is unique and intriguing. To make the infographic even more captivating, they use a monochromatic color scheme to emphasize elements that are most important. We hope to see more infographic designs like this throughout 2017.

Infographic Design Trend #7 | Design That Creates Their Own Borders

Infographic Design Trends

Another infographic design that drew us in this year was this unique design by Carrie Ho. Carrie went with a color palette that consisted of primary colors that are always classic and well-perceived by readers. But what really set this infographic design apart from others is that the design does not extend to the whole width of the graphic, and the colors are contained within it’s own background.

Infographic Design Trend #8 | Charcoal Backgrounds with Chalk-Style Writing

Recipe Infographic

Similar to last year, the charcoal ‘chalkboard’ infographic design has made an appearance throughout 2016 and will most likely continue into 2017. We loved this design by Pingo Doce that takes the reader on a charming visual journey.  By using the color dark gray, the design instantly becomes softer. But what really makes this infographic dazzle is the distinct design style and layout they went with to make the design easier to navigate and consume.

Infographic Design Trend #9 | Gaining a New Perspective

Infographic Design Trends

Now, this infographic design by JDC knocked our socks off. What catches your eye almost immediately is the 3D perspective. From there, the rainbow color pallet draws you in and takes you on the visual journey intended. In most designs the rainbow color pallet is thought to be ‘less professional,’ however, they did an amazing job incorporating all of the design elements together and bringing everything full circle.

Want to Take Your Brand’s Infographic Designs to a New Level?

Our design team here at Blue Compass can ensure you do just that! Take your designs up a notch, and wow your audience with the help of our design expertise. Ready to get started? Contact us today.

*Shout out to Blue Compass’ amazing designer, Kayla, for helping with this blog!

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