Kayla Davison

Kayla Davison has been a web designer at Blue Compass for over four years. She is passionate about researching design news, trends and user experience (UX) case studies to successfully promote companies with the most intuitive and user-friendly designs.

Kayla is certified in Growth-Driven Design from the Hubspot Academy and uses this knowledge to improve continually the websites and graphics she creates.

She is a Simpson College graduate with majors in Graphic Design, International Management and Spanish. To earn her Spanish degree, Kayla lived in Spain for six months which allowed her to travel throughout Europe and Asia gaining inspiration from the variety of cultures. Visiting other places around the world offers inspiration that she uses daily to keep designs modern and diverse.

Originally from Minneapolis, MN, Kayla enjoys water skiing, triathlons and running races as well as other creative methods of expression such as painting and drawing. She met her husband, Brad, in Spain and loves to hear about his adventures as a Firefighter and Paramedic.