Blue Compass' 10 Most Popular Articles in 2014

We wrote over 100 articles for the Blue Compass Blog in 2014. From design tips to digital marketing advice to our thoughts on web hosting, many topics were covered. Some of our more unique articles included opinions on the psychology of color in your website design, valentines for web geeks, why PR and SEO are essentially the same, and an explanation why digital marketing is like Thanksgiving dinner

With all the great content this year, it's interesting to see which of our posts become the most read, shared, and searched. The following are the top 10 most viewed articles in 2014, according to Google Analytics:

10. Surprising Stats that are Currently Impacting Healthcare Marketing

Did you know 77% of people do an online search before booking a healthcare appointment? This article shares numerous stats that give great insight when considering digital marketing in the healthcare industry. 

9. Yelp Brings Elite Squad to Des Moines: Interview with Patrick Fleming

A great interview with a Yelp Community Manager. Interesting insights on Yelp reviews, followers, and epic Yelp parties!

8. Who Has the Best Website? The Iowa Hawkeyes vs. the Iowa State Cyclones

A surprisingly contentious little article about the websites of two rivals: the Hawkeyes and the Cyclones. Which website do you think it better?

7. Writing for Mobile Devices 101

Great tips on getting the most out of your content when it comes to mobile devices.

6. Blue Compass to Create Charitable Website in One Day

In December 2014, we decided to undertake the epic task of creating and launching a full website in one day. This article detailed some of the craziness and excitement of the day. 

5. 5 Imaginative Ways Google Could Redesign its Homepage 

Can Google's minimal but extremely functional homepage design be improved upon? This article tasks five of our team members' with the difficult task of improving 

4. How to Rock at Slideshare SEO 

Slideshare can be a powerful tool for SEO. This article shows you how to utilize Slideshare to get major traffic on your website. 

3. The Top 8 Reasons to Work at Blue Compass 

We think Blue Compass is a pretty great place to work. Thankfully, our readers seem to agree. This article details some of the positives of being on our team. 

2. The 8 Best Designed Title Sequences 

Also one of our highest viewed articles from 2013, this post chooses eight of the best movie title sequences for design inspiration and explains what makes each so unique. 

1. Announcing the "Be Merry, Choose a Charity" Contest Winners

Receiving almost 20,000 votes, our 2014 holiday contest allowed visitors to select their favorite charity. The winner was supposed to receive $1,000 - but interesting circumstances resulted in two winners! 

Welcome, 2015

Which of the most popular articles in 2014 is your favorite? I'm anxious to see what this new year brings, and which 2015 article end up on next year's list.