20 of Our Favorite Thinkstock Photos

As designers, Thinkstock is one of the main tools we use to bring high-quality photos to our client's websites, articles, and infographics. The site provides photos depicting almost any topic you can imagine, which is helpful for our broad client base. These photos are not only utilized for design but also enhance and support the content's purposes.

Once in a while, we come across photos that are so bizarre and unrelated to our search terms, we've decided to compile some of our favorites and share.

1. Red Is The New Pink


Searched for: "Pregnancy." Pregnancy photo shoots have come a long way.

Photo credit: Darja Vorontsova

2. The Climb


Searched for: "Woman Sweating."

Photo credit: Pixinoo

3. The Easter Bunny's New Costume


Searched for: "Weight Loss." DONUT wear this to work.

Photo credit:


4. Fabio 2.0


Searched for: "Happy Couple." No comment.

Photo credit: Medioimages/Photodisc

5. The Mummies Return


Searched for: "Waiting Room." Maybe they never left?

Photo credit: Michael Blann

6. First-Time Swatter


Searched for: "Pest Control." He excited to nab that Photoshopped on his nose.

Photo credit:

7. House Abductions


Searched for: "Home Inspection." He looks worried; the foundation must be uneven.

Photo credit:

8. Photographic Memory


Searched for: "Elderly Woman Painting." The things she must have seen...

Photo credit: underworld111

9. The Real Zombie Apocalypse


Searched for: "Business Event." He needs a selfie stick.

Photo credit: PJPhoto69

10. Cher Wannabe


Searched for: "Elder." So majestic.

Photo credit:

11. Peace


Searched for: "Greeting Family After Work." Nixon-Pilot-Dog?

Photo credit:

12. Gremlin Cartoons


Searched for: "Gear Icon." Enjoy the nightmares. 

Photo credit: Ingram Publishing

13. Do You Even Lift?


Searched for: "Group Member." This could be Carrot Top's dog!

Photo credit:

14. Ocean-Side Room


Searched for:

credit: Michele

The "Company" Series


The below photos all resulted from searching the term "company."

15. "Office Babe"



Photo credit:

16. "Yoga Is Great For Relieving Stress"


Photo credit: Eyecandy Images

17. "Calling HR In 3, 2..."


Photo credit: Photos.com

The "Cleaning Windows" Series


All the below photos resulted from searching the terms "cleaning windows."

18. "I Take My Job Very Seriously"


19. "The Windows Are Clean"


Photo credit:

20. "You Missed A Spot"


Photo credit: Kati Neudert

Besides supplying great images for our many clients and articles, Thinkstock has provided many laughs in our office. Stay tuned for additional "Top 20" lists as we come across more in the future!