Blue Compass Culture

On any given day, Blue Compass employees are working hard and playing hard.

We're regularly heading out of the office for meals together, to catch a local sporting event, grabbing some ice cream or a drink after work. Full disclosure, there are a bunch of sweet tooths in this office. It will come as no surprise that fresh baked cookies and assorted donuts make a regular appearance, which is awesome.

Then there are the frequent Fun Fridays, with in-office wine tastings, movie screenings, bags competitions and more. We also have monthly birthday lunches, celebrating everyone lucky enough to have been born in the same 28 to 31 day period.

The fridge is stocked with soda and beer. The morning starts off with your favorite Keurig coffee flavor. On Thursdays, we chow down on half-price chicken wings over lunch.

Our constant use of social media helps us stay up-to-date on all the latest trends. 

Having Fun Helping Others

We also aim to do some good for the Des Moines community. The Blue Compass team takes part in multiple service projects every year, doing things like fixing up homes for Rebuilding Together of Greater Des Moines, creating websites for charity and putting on interoffice competitions to raise money for nonprofits. We put the same passion we have for our work into helping others.

We regularly challenge ourselves to keep our bodies and minds sharp. It might be a 30-day challenge to enable everyone to try something new and improve at our jobs. Or it might be an insane month of Fitbit challenges that kept us on our toes constantly. Treadmill desks anyone?

The Best People in Digital Work at Blue Compass

Blue Compass' greatest strength is our team members. We don't have a rigid hierarchy in place. Our President and CEO aren't interested in glorifying themselves and making the team do things their way. They are focused on serving the team. In fact, they often work side-by-side with our interns.

We have a very fluid working environment, where any member can contribute to any project. We've had multiple office managers transition to our Account Executive, Design and Marketing teams. Exploration and innovation are encouraged. We hire only the best, most talented, most team-oriented individuals, then get out of their way and let them innovate.

We focus on having a “drama-free” workplace. There are no cliques or jokes at anyone's expense. Part of the reason we enjoy our jobs is the fact that we enjoy each other's company. Blue Compass has grown from just its two founders to a team of more than 30 people in a short time. The reason for our success isn't complicated: we've simply been blessed with an incredible team of experts who care about each other.

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Blue Compass is a thriving digital company in Des Moines, but we're not looking to be the biggest in our profession. We find the right people at the top of the field to fill our needs, making sure they're a team player who will take it in stride when someone resets their computer background with a humorous photo.

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Here's what Blue Compass is all about:

Our Mission

To be industry-leading digital experts who create and market innovative online experiences which surpass our clients' goals.


Everything we do reflects our strong core values:


We strive to be the most knowledgeable experts in the web industry. Our passion for digital drives us to constantly learn and educate one another.


We strive to produce the absolute highest quality, most effective, and most innovative design, development, marketing and customer service for our clients.


We seek to be positive in everything we say and do. We commit to have an enjoyable, drama-free work environment.


We commit to constantly assist each other and work successfully as a team. We respect, encourage and help develop one another.

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