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Thanksgiving Traditions at Blue Compass

Tis' the season for Thanksgiving traditions! Whether it is watching sports, eating delicious food or spending time with family, traditions are what make the holidays memorable.

What Happens When a Digital Agency Undergoes 30 Challenges?

30 team members. 30 days. 30 individual challenges. We are stepping out of our comfort zone to try something different.

Stay Top of Mind: Remarketing For Your Business

Have you ever noticed after you visited your favorite website, you see their ads placed on other websites? This is remarketing, and you can use it for your business, too!

20 of Our Favorite Thinkstock Photos

As designers, Thinkstock is one of the main tools we use to bring high-quality photos to our client's websites, articles, and infographics. Once in a while, we come across photos that are so bizarre and unrelated to our search terms, we've decided to compile some of our favorites and share.

16 All-Too-Real Struggles of a Digital Marketer

Why as digital marketers do we have so many struggles? Because it is all new. Find out why we get excited about the future and potential of the ever-changing world of digital marketing.

The "Smartphone-Dependent" Generation

There are 18 million users using their smartphone to surf the web every day. Are you ready for the mobile Generation?

Make a Great Meal for National Sandwich Day

Dive into the history behind America's favorite meal, the Sandwich. Make sure you Celebrate the right way this National Sandwich Day and have a Sandwich!

Happy High-Tech Halloween

Incorporate technology into your Halloween celebration for the spookiest year yet.

Designing for Social Media Advertising

Social Media design is constantly changing, so stay up-to-date with the newest image sizes from Blue Compass!

Blue Compass Launches New Website for Kemin Industries

Blue Compass recently partnered with Kemin Industries to create a new website at kemin.com. The website exemplifies the global presence of Kemin Industries.