This Week in Online Marketing: #IceBucketChallenge, Facebook Conversions and Bing Gets Conversational

Welcome back to this week in online marketing! This week we discuss the impact of the viral challenge Ice Bucket Challenge, Facebook's announcement that they will now measure conversions across devices, and bings move to conversational search.

How Google's Knowledge Graph is Good for Your Website

Google is starting to provide answers directly on their results page. You can now see concert times, restaurant menus, and even compare the calories in two different snacks without ever visiting a website. Most digital marketers are very concerned about what this means for their website, but here's why this is actually good for your brand...

This Week in Online Marketing: Google Boosts Secure Sites in Rankings and Adds Google News Publisher Center, Facebook Changes "Like" Policy and Pinterest Enables Private Messaging

Google has started boosting secure sites in search rankings; content creators saw changes with new Google News Publisher Center; Facebook updated their "Like" policy; and Pinterest added private messaging. Get all the details here!

This Week in Online Marketing: Instagram's New Bolt App, Hangouts for Everyone & Bing Ads Updates

This week's dose of online marketing news includes coverage of Instagram's lightning fast new app, an announcement from Google that Hangouts are now accessible for all non-Google+ users and new updates for Bing Ads.

Pay to Play: How to Successfully Navigate the World of Twitter Advertising

Twitter Advertising stressing you out? Blue Compass is here to make the process easier with our Pay to Play Guide for Twitter Advertising! Check it out today.

Android vs. Apple

Android vs. Apple is the ever-raging debate among smartphone users - so which platform should you optimize your marketing efforts for? Our latest blog takes a look at the two to make sure we know the vehicles of mobile traffic well.

This Week in Online Marketing: Facebook "Save," Foursquare Rebranding & New Google Apps

Facebook adds "save for later" feature; Foursquare rebrands to compete in local search; and Google makes two exciting app announcements.

This Week in Online Marketing: New Bing Ads, LinkedIn App Updates and New Facebook Ads

Bing announced new ad plans for 2015, LinkedIn transformed their Connections mobile app and Facebook introduced "out-app purchase" advertisements. Get the full scoop from the Blue Compass Online Marketing team!

Meet Our Newest Account Executive: Nathan Phillips

Meet our newest Account Executive, Nathan Phillips, and learn why he chose to work at Blue Compass Interactive.

This Week in Online Marketing: World Cup Breaks Social Media Records, Twitter Buy Now Button Leaks and Google Drops Authorship Photo

Before you head out to enjoy 4th of July festivities, check out the Buy Now button that leaked on Twitter, social media records the World Cup is breaking and a change in how Google displays authorship in search results.