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Are You Making These Five AdWords Mistakes?

At Blue Compass Interactive, we continually evaluate AdWords accounts for clients across a variety of business categories. We see many different approaches, but some of the problems we see are often very consistent. Here's a summary of the five most common mistakes we advise to look out for.

Where are the Faces of Google and Bing?

Once upon a time, two guys served as the faces of Google and Bing, bringing joy to digital marketers everywhere. Then one day they disappeared... what happened?!

Social Media: A Brand's Best Friend

Social media, when used properly, has the potential to be a brand's best friend! But, on the other hand, when a social media page or profile is left unmonitored or forgotten it can quickly turn into a company's worst nightmare.

Top 8 Reasons to Work at Blue Compass Interactive

Find out why Blue Compass is one of the best places in Des Moines to work today with our Top 8 Reasons to Work at Blue Compass Interactive!

Blue Compass Wins Big at the Horizon Awards

We are excited to see OrchardPlace.org, a website we designed and developed for this incredible non-profit organization, take home the Gold in the Advocacy/Non-profit category at the recent Horizon Interactive Awards!

Google+ Collections: Can They Beat Pinterest?

Many social media users prefer visual content, and Google+ is trying to get in on the game with their new platform, Collections.

Meet Our New Account Executive: Melissa Sporrer

Learn about our new Account Executive, Melissa Sporrer and her project management background.

Instagram: Is It Right For Your Brand?

It's no secret that Instagram is dominating as one of the top social media platforms for customer engagement and brand storytelling. However, before your brand leaps into the big investment, it's crucial to take some time to review and decide if this social channel is right for your business.

How Small Businesses Make a Difference

This week, we are celebrating National Small Business Week with an impressive infographic showing small business stats...

The Rise of Direct Answers: How to Fight for Organic Traffic

Direct answers could cause big change to your organic traffic. Discover ways you can continue to drive search traffic and own real estate on Google.