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Web Content Writing & Editing

Navigation is the foundation of a website. If it isn't solid, it will make all other elements of the site collapse. The foundation of a site must help people quickly find the information they are looking for - online visitors have a limited attention span and to grab their attention  you must reach them through a first impression and then keep them intrigued.

Organizing content to be clean on a site but still house tons of information is a skill. With experience in usability testing and evaluation of online trends,  Blue Compass has project managers that help you develop a solid foundation for your site. From navigation systems to callouts, our project managers make sure your content is quickly and easily found in relevant pages to help promote your overall site goals.

After the foundation is solid, Blue Compass can work with you to make sure your content is maximizing its performance. Content for the web goes beyond delivering messages to visitors, web content has the pressure of providing keywords for search engines, delivering key messages to an audience without patience, and containing targeted information to entice visitors to accomplish goals on a site.

Blue Compass can work with you to take copy and turn it into web content. Our focus is more on the performance and readability of content in relation to the site. We help determine a layout of content on pages and keywords that maximize searches.

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