How Do People Find Your Business? Answer: Local Search

How Do People Find Your Business? Answer: Local Search


Even with all the apps and extra ways people can find places around them, a new study focusing on where people get information about local businesses determines that SEARCH is the top source for local business information. Coming in second is newspapers, third is word of mouth.   

So what does this mean? People better be able to find your business in search - and even more to the point local search. With mobile devices changing search habits, people are looking for information on the fly. They want to know what is close to them (now), where they can find something (now), and what's available at a place (now). 

With these new search habits, people want information differently than they did before.

  • Google Places account (claim yours if it is already out there)
  • Correct content on local social sites (aka Yelp, Urbanspoon, etc  - this is different for ever location)
  • Clear way to connect with you (phone number, email address)
  • Easy to understand services (call them the same name people refer to them as, don't use internal terminology)
  • Fast website (remember they want it NOW)
  • Mobile website (for all those searching via mobile devices)
  • Cool content (that they'll want to share with friends...this will also promote online brand)

So what do you do with this information? Well, if you don't already have a local search strategy in place you should probably look into one. SEO can help with local search, but there are certain dynamics when it comes to local search that makes it clearly different from general SEO. 

Is your website optimized for local search?

If you answer is no or not sure, Blue Compass can help you out. Contact us today to figure out how to get started in local search. 

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